Technology and Its Influence on the Way We Eat

Technology and Its Influence on the Way We Eat

As important as air and water are to our existence, so too are food and technology. Data from the US Department of Agriculture found that in 2011 the average American consumed nearly 1,996 pounds (or one ton) of food every year.

The eating habits of Americans have changed in many ways over the last few decades and so has our obsession with technology.  With the average person consuming substantially more fruit and vegetables than in the 1970s but also more junk food unfortunately as well as more than the recommended daily amounts of meat, eggs, nuts, and grains during 2015.

Technology has an extreme influence on all aspects of our lives including work, communication, fitness, health, and even the way we cook our food and eat it. Limits are constantly being tested with new innovations affecting not only how we feed ourselves but also subsequently triggering significant changes in the human body over time. We are continuously changing the way we prepare our food in an attempt to live healthier with the invention of a number of kitchen gadgets helping us to achieve just that.

Kitchen gadgets encouraging healthy eating

Gone are the days where making use of fresh ingredients in your everyday cooking was seen as a harrowing chore. Handy food preparation equipment and gadgets like a salad chopper and yogurt maker make eating healthy both easy and convenient; they will also prevent you from falling back on frozen dinners and fast food again. Other handy gadgets include:

Garlic peeler and cards

By adding fresh garlic to your food you can boost your health almost instantly. Garlic contains allicin, a compound known to lower cholesterol levels and fight infections. There are a variety of peelers available that effortlessly peels whole garlic cloves for you, making your job as a forward-thinking healthy chef a whole lot easier. Once the garlic cloves are peeled you can quickly grate them, on a pocket-sized garlic card, allowing you to slip a few healthy cloves into any healthy dish without much detection.

Citrus juicers and oil misters

While citrus juicers of years gone by were all rather bulky, you can now invest in a hand-held juicer that will help you sneak added vitamins and minerals into everything from soups to cocktails and baked goods. An inverted press will extract every last drop of nutrients from citrus fruits such as limes, oranges, and lemons. Retailing at around $20 each, these juice extractors are available from most US department stores. Oil misters are not entirely new to the health-food market either but they are constantly being redesigned to bring more health benefits to consumers. The aim of an oil mister is to cut excess fat from your diet by giving you precise control over how much oil you use. Instead of drowning your frying pan in unhealthy oil, a mister will simply coat it in a very fine mist which is all you really need.

As long as technology keeps advancing so too will the way we prepare and eat our food.  The human species have come a long way since grilling large chunks of meat over an open fire. New methods of growing and cooking food are being discovered all the time making the future of the food industry a very lucrative and exciting one for everyone concerned.

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