Simple Changes To Accommodate Vegans In Your Establishment

The food and catering industry in the country is robust and is also unbelievably diverse as it highlights various cultural influences. It has also adopted certain diet trends, and in recent years restaurants accommodated the keto diet within their menus. One significant lifestyle choice that restaurants can embrace is veganism, given that the number of vegans in the US is steadily increasing. A survey by global market research company Ipsos shows that there are currently 9.7 million American vegans. This translates into a significant demand for plant-based food as well, as sales for it have increased 2.5 faster than in 2018-2020.

It should be noted, however, that catering to veganism goes beyond serving plant-based food. Veganism is a way of life that entails abstaining as far as possible from products that are developed through the exploitation of another living being. As such, to effectively cater to vegan clients, here are some simple changes that you can make in your establishment.

Offer Vegan Options

You don’t have to completely alter your menu just to accommodate vegans in your restaurant. One way to make their dining experience more pleasing is to instead offer vegan alternatives on your menu. For example, if your restaurant specializes in burgers, you can offer meatless burger buns. This should not be a difficult change to adapt to, especially since meatless alternatives are also becoming more accessible, with the alternative protein industry raising around $3.1 billion from investors in 2020 alone.

Create a Vegan-Friendly Atmosphere

As mentioned earlier, veganism goes beyond food choices. Thus, you can gain a loyal vegan clientele when you also adopt an atmosphere that goes along the ethical framework that respects animal rights. This means using cruelty-free and eco-friendly furniture and accessories throughout your establishments. For example, you can use faux leather for your seats and vegan candles to set the ambiance of your restaurant. This will not only benefit your vegan clientele, since traditional furniture release harmful pollutants such as volatile organic compounds that can trigger allergies.

Involve Your Staff

Your staff plays a significant role in defining your customer’s dining experience. 7 out of 10 US consumers say that they are willing to spend more money to do business with an establishment that provides excellent customer service. As such, it is important for you to brief your staff when you plan to integrate vegan choices into the menu. It is also important to train your staff to communicate with your clientele, but they should avoid overdoing it as doing so might also turn off non-vegan customers.

Making simple changes in your establishment to accommodate veganism will not only benefit your vegan clients. Even regular diners can reap benefits from these changes as well, which in turn results in a loyal customer base for your establishment.

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