Microwave Hacks For Your Daily Life (Infographic)

Microwave Hacks For Your Daily Life

Whether you’re a professional chef or a boxed food-only cook, the invention of the microwave hugely cut down on food prep time. If you’re warming water, heating up a full frozen meal, or just re-heating leftovers, the microwave is easily one of the most used appliances in any home.

Most will be surprised to know that the microwave isn’t only for warming up food anymore. There are “hacks” or tips and tricks that the microwave can do that most people don’t know about. To fully utilize your wonderful appliance, learning these hacks will also save you tons of time in ways you’d never thought possible.

Between microwaving tomatoes to save time peeling skin and warming lemon water to clean the microwave after a mess, check out the below infographic to find amazing microwave hacks that will amaze you about your most useful kitchen appliance, your microwave!

Microwave Hacks For Your Daily Life Infographic
Source: PartSelect.com


  1. comment authorSarah Feb 21, 2015

    I just love the idea of presenting these microwave hacks through graphics. Can't help but pin :)

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