Foodservice Warehouse Closing? Information on FSW Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Foodservice Warehouse

Foodservice Warehouse, a provider of commercial kitchen equipment, filed for voluntary Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in May 2016 and has shut its doors for now. As the company works with bankruptcy courts, its customers may be wondering what comes next. The bankruptcy is with the Eastern District of Louisiana, and the company is in the process of reorganization, according to recent pleadings. The most recent pleading, a Motion to Convert the Case into Chapter 7, was filed on behalf of the company’s attorney. Foodservice Warehouse, its creditors, and its debtors are now waiting for the Court’s decision on these matters. Debtors are also filing their own requests for compensation from Foodservice Warehouse, and orders have been granted to sell certain company assets, according to the court docket. Liquidation -- a mass selling of FSW inventory -- occurred in August 2016.

Founded in June 2006, Foodservice Warehouse maintained its headquarters in Colorado but distributed its merchandise from the company’s warehouse in Kansas City. The company sells restaurant equipment for fast-food restaurants, bars, bistros, coffee shops, and other members of the foodservice industry. The company also sold restaurant furniture and other supplies, such as takeout cartons, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and more. However, due to the potential closing of Foodservice Warehouse, the company’s website is under construction, with a note they’re still processing orders.

The fate of Foodservice Warehouse is currently unclear and may remain that way for some time. It’s understandable that restaurant owners and companies in need of restaurant equipment may be frustrated about the possible shuttering of Foodservice Warehouse. If you’re looking for an alternative for kitchen equipment and supply needs, visit GoFoodservice. As a trusted provider of quality restaurant equipment, we have many of the same renowned brands and a huge inventory.

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