Food Trucks Are Not a Fad (Infographic)

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Remember the “roach coach” of days gone by? These trucks parked outside an office or a job site to cater to the poor saps who forgot to pack a lunch for the day.

In the past, those folks were faced with the choice of going hungry or shuffling over to these mobile sustenance stations. The mere mention of food trucks may still churn the stomachs of those whose worksite lunch options were a (hopefully) fully reheated mystery-meat burrito or a prepackaged egg salad sandwich of questionable age.

Today, food trucks are different. They’ve come a long way, both in the quality of fare and in the literal sense, since they seem to be on every corner. What is it about these mobile kitchens that have millennials and other foodies chasing them down and watching their Twitter feeds to find out when and where they can sample new food truck flavors? Check out this graphic to learn about this tasty trend by the numbers.

Food Trucks Are Not a Fad Infographic
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