5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Dishwasher

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Dishwasher

A dishwasher is one of the most useful tools you can buy for your kitchen, and it can save you more than 20 minutes when compared to washing the same amount of dishes by hand. Dishwashers are also a good way to go green because they use a smaller amount of water than if you were to wash the dishes the old-fashioned way. According to EnergyStar.gov, an Energy Star dishwasher can cut your utility bills as well. When you go to buy a new dishwasher, however, you need to keep a few things in mind, because not all machines are alike. If you own a business that needs a dishwasher, whether you're a small cozy cafe or a bustling 24/7 diner, make sure you consider these questions:

What Dishwasher Size and Type Do You Need?

Dishwashers come in all sizes, so you need to consider the size your new appliance will occupy. Will it be a good fit and flush with the cabinets or counters? You may want a large full-scale dishwasher or one built with a space-saving design. Failing to measure your space properly may result in a large unsightly gap where utensils and other items can fall through. You also need to make sure you have enough space to load the dishwasher easily after it's installed. Don't overlook the size of your new dishwasher or you may be cramped for space!

What's Your Desired Capacity?

How many dishes do you go through in a day? A week? Do you know how large your average dishwashing load is? It's time to figure out how many racks worth of dishes you want to run per hour. Every dishwasher will differ with its capacity, so you need one that can meet your daily demand, or else you'll be washing by hand to make up for the lack of clean dishes. Each machine's specifications will include the capacity so you can make an informed purchase without feeling like you can't meet demand.

How Hot of a Temperature Do You Need?

The strength of your dishwasher and its efficiency will depend on the temperature it reaches.

The market also features dishwashers with two temperature settings and some also include “high sanitization” settings, letting you protect your dishes from chemicals. Look at the dishwasher(s) you may considering, and think about how much sanitation you need, especially if you're putting the appliance in a medical environment.

What Are the Sound Levels?

You don't realize it until you get it installed, but some dishwashers can be loud! If you have a small kitchen, you may not want a loud appliance whirring away while you're trying to conduct business. Many dishwashers for sale on the market are advertised with a “quiet sound,” which can work perfectly for you. That sound you hear means the dishes are getting clean, and sometimes it can get loud. Consider if you want a quiet dishwasher, especially if you're in a hospital, nursing room, preschool, or any other environment that needs to have a quiet atmosphere.

How Many Gallons of Water Does it Use?

After you've realized what capacity you want your dishwasher to have, you should also take a look at how many gallons of water the dishwasher uses for each cycle; this way, you won't have any surprises on your water bill. The dishwasher specs include the gallons of water used by the appliance, and you shouldn't overlook these numbers. Don't forget to consider the gallons per hour and per rack.

Your new dishwasher will be one of the best appliances you'll purchase for your kitchen. By keeping these 5 things in mind when you're shopping for a new machine, you will choose the best option for your business or home. Don't let yourself be blinded by a machine that's sleek and modern-looking, because it also needs to work for you, not against you. Save yourself hours spent washing by hand by shopping smart with our suggestions.


  1. comment authorBecca Holton Mar 28, 2018

    My dishwasher randomly stopped working. I figure it might just be time to get it replaced because it's really old. It's good to know that I should start by finding out how what capacity I want my dishwasher to have before shopping around.

  2. comment authorJoy Butler Aug 22, 2018

    I don't think people realize how loud some dishwashers can be. It's certainly not the first factor I think about when considering buying a new dishwasher but it is certainly important. This article serves as a great reminder of what factors can be easily overlooked.

  3. comment authorRosie Beckett Sep 4, 2018

    My dishwasher recently broke and I need to find a new one because the dishes are starting to pile up, so I am glad that I found this article. It is interesting that you say to think about the sound levels of the dishwasher because it is important that we have a quiet dishwasher. Having a quiet dishwasher will allow us to have better dinner conversations and hear each other better. It will also help my kids to avoid getting distracted when they are doing their homework.

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