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In order to excel you have to equip your commercial kitchen with all of the tools necessary for success. This means giving your kitchen staff adequate room to prepare their dishes from start to finish and we carry an assortment of work table prep stations to do just that!

Our work table prep stations consist of stainless steel tables with a sink included. This setup allows users the ability to clean and prepare meats, fruits, and vegetables all in one convenient location. But these work table prep stations are more than just stainless steel tables with a sink - they’re an entire workstation that enables kitchen staff to let their creativity and hard workflow without interruptions.

All of our work table prep stations come with features you’ll love, like adjustable stainless steel feet, a drawer for storage, and a rolled edge to prevent spills. Of course, being stainless steel means these work table prep stations are incredibly easy to maintain and sanitize, plus they’ll last for years to come!

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