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Star Mfg SCT4000E
Star Mfg SCT4000E

Vertical Contact Toaster, Countertop, 208/240v

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$10,750.00 /ea

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Any restaurant, café, or hospitality service offering classic Americana cuisine like hamburgers can benefit from our selection of commercial bun toasters. Bun grilling toasters let you deliver a high volume of exquisitely grilled buns to accompany any number of menu items. As any food lover will tell you, the bun can make or break an entire hamburger or fried chicken sandwich experience – too soggy and it won’t support the sandwich, too browned and the texture profile can alter completely. At GoFoodservice we have the bun grilling toasters to give you the perfect balance of browned and pillowy buns every single time. We only carry top-quality products from the best name brands in the industry, like Star Mfg, and always at the best rates on the market. Get the perfect level of caramelization while producing up to 1800 buns per hour! See how our top-quality commercial bun toasters can let you streamline your work process while economizing on time and manpower.