World Centric Compostable Dinnerware & Flatware

Founded in 2004 to help raise awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues across the globe, World Centric strives to be of service to both the planet and people. World Centric has hosted award winning documentaries on a wide range of issues from human and social rights to environmental problems while offering courses on simple living and sustainability. Seeing another way to reduce environmental pollution, World Centric eventually moved to produce Fair Trade products such as compostable dinnerware, flatware, and more! With a mission to make a difference and create a more sustainable world World Centric continues to help with societal and environmental issues by donating at least 25% of its profits to grassroots and environmental organizations By offering consumers high quality compostable products World Centric strives to be a model of sustainability when it comes to creating environmental solutions.

Best Sellers By World Centric

World Centric CPL-CS-12

Ingeo™ PLA Cold Cup Lids (1000/Case)

World Centric BOL-CS-12

White Compostable Paper Bowl Lids (1000/Case)

World Centric BO-SC-UBB

32 oz. Brown Wheat Straw Compostable Oval Burrito Bowl (300/Case)

World Centric BO-SU-16

16 oz. White Compostable Paper Bowl (500/Case)

World Centric BOL-CS-UBB

Clear Compostable Wheat Straw Oval Bowl Lids (300/Case)

World Centric BO-SU-12

12 oz. White Compostable Paper Bowl (500/Case)

World Centric CP-CS-16

16 oz. Clear Ingeo® PLA Cold Cup (1000/Case)

World Centric BOL-SC-U24

Brown Compostable Wheat Straw Bowl Lids (500/Case)

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