Winston Commercial Fryers & Heated Cabinets

Founded in 1967, Winston Industries got its start in the food service industry by engineering their first pressure fryer for the famous Colonel Sanders to use in his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. The Collectramatic pressure fryer became the backbone of KFC and many other restaurants over the years, while its basic design remains unchanged to this day. Winston eventually went on to develop their patented CVap technology, which improved temperature and texture of food in hot holding applications. Today, Winston continues to work with their customers to provide them with the best solutions to meet the challenges faced in commercial kitchen operations. Browse our selection of Winston fryers and heated holding cabinets and find out how Winston can become the workhorse of your kitchen today!

Winston Best Sellers

Winston F662T, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Winston products
Winston F662T

90 Lb Mobile Fryer Oil Filter, Gravity Drain

$2,975.00 /ea


Winston HBB0D2, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Winston products
Winston HBB0D2

1.44 kW Electric CVap Food Warmer, 2 Drawer, Freestanding

$3,750.00 /ea


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