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Since 1968, Visvardis has been a supplier of cooking technology to mass catering customers. Their full product line includes gyro machines, ovens, chip warmers, and more. Each machine has been carefully manufactured by professionally-trained employees and adheres to the safety standards of the European Union. Visvardis can meet each individual country and customer’s needs to deliver machines that offer effortless performance.

Visvardis is proud of their Greek heritage and as such, Greece remains where they are based today - the homeland of the gyro itself. They’ve remained true to their Greek roots while they’ve garnered international attention with a presence in over 20 countries and trusted by other major brands like Eurodib.

Gyro Machines Designed For Perfection

Visvardis is a premium maker of commercial gyro machines, creating equipment that cooks and rotates gyro meat and kebabs to perfection, ensuring a delicious and perfect gyro or kebab. Whether it’s lamb or beef that you’re cooking, choosing a Visvardis gyro machine means you’re preparing one of the tastiest dishes with ease.

Visvardis gyro machines are expertly crafted to create an all-around better user experience. Their ingenious design places the motor at the bottom of the unit, giving the user and the meat itself protection from scorching. Ceramic plates, individual burner controls, a removable drip tray, and a shovel for the meat all come standard with every Visvardis gyro machine.

Additionally, Visvardis gyro machines give you the ability to move the burner rather than moving the spit itself, allowing you precision cooking and reducing the risk of heat loss. All of their products are crafted from the highest-grade materials available to date. This means that when you purchase a Visvardis machine, you’re purchasing a partner that will withstand the demands of your busy commercial gyro business for years to come.

Additional Visvardis Gyro Machine Highlights:

  • Up to 200 lbs capacity for gyro meat
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Electric or gas gyro machine models available

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Best Sellers By Visvardis

Visvardis DG16V

96,000 Btu Gas Turbo Gyro Machine, 200 Lb

Visvardis 020000017

Gryo Machine Meat Shovel / Catch Pan

Visvardis DG12V

72,000 Btu Gas Turbo Gyro Machine, 145 Lb

Visvardis DE4A

11,500 Watt Electric Gyro Machine, 200 Lb

Visvardis DG10A

60,000 Btu Gas Gyro Machine, 200 Lb

Visvardis DE2A

6,600 Watt Electric Gyro Machine, 100 Lb

Visvardis DE3A

9,900 Watt Electric Gyro Machine, 140 Lb

Visvardis DG8A

48,000 Btu Gas Gyro Machine, 140 Lb

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