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VacMaster is a leading provider of vacuum packaging systems and sealers. They provide these products to a number of industries, including commercial kitchens, restaurants, and even hunting and fishing enthusiasts. VacMaster's slogan is "The Professional Way to Prep, Cook, Package!", which you’ll certainly agree with if you have ever operated any of their high-quality vacuum packaging equipment!

VacMaster’s humble beginnings started in Kansas City by a group of meat processing enthusiasts. They saw a need for smaller, more affordable vacuum packaging equipment with enough versatility to be used both at home and in busy commercial kitchens.

Unmatched Reliability And Customer Service

VacMaster is wholeheartedly dedicated to the customer service experience from the minute you begin your VacMaster journey throughout the years to come. They have a team of experts that answer the phone every time you call. VacMaster knows the importance of offering immediate assistance in order to keep business flowing, which is exactly what they do.

VacMaster Packaging Machines Are Built To Last

We’re proud to carry a wide variety of VacMaster vacuum packaging machines to provide our customers with a vacuum sealing product that’s right for their needs. From the more modest 16" VacMaster VP120 vacuum sealer to the much more sophisticated 34" VacMaster VP734, we've got a professional vacuum sealing product for everyone.

VacMaster vacuum packing machines are built with the highest-grade materials, innovative technology, and admirable standards on the market. From stainless steel bodies to intuitive digital control panels, VacMaster has designed industry-leading vacuum packing equipment that’s built to withstand the pressures of even the heaviest use. They’re so confident in their products that they’re not shy about letting new customers know that many of their customers have owned the same VacMaster for over 20 years!

We stock a variety of commercial vacuum sealers in an assortment of sizes. No matter how busy your commercial kitchen may be, VacMaster’s equipment is ready to help you get the job done.

Best Sellers By VacMaster

VacMaster VP215

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 10" Seal Bar

VacMaster VP545

Vacuum Packaging Machine, (2) 20" Seal Bar

VacMaster VP320

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 16" Seal Bar

VacMaster VP540

Vacuum Packaging Machine, (2) 20" Seal Bar

VacMaster VP210

Vacuum Packaging Machine, 10" Seal Bar

VacMaster VP734

Vacuum Packaging Machine, (4) 34" Seal Bar

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