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UNIC is a family run business that has been designing coffee and espresso machines for over 90 years. The UNIC brand started in 1929 with its first factory in Nice. After four-generations, the UNIC brand remains a trailblazing pioneer in the espresso industry.

With a global team and offices located in several major cities across the globe, UNIC has made it their mission to deliver simple, cost-effective solutions to your coffee or espresso business. With UNIC, you'll find quality coffee and espresso equipment that delivers consistent performance along with a refined coffee extraction process that will keep customers coming back in for more.

Unic Key Features

UNIC’s innovative designs incorporate state-of-the-art technology that streamlines the user experience while providing quality coffee that exceeds customers’ expectations.

  • Color LCD touchscreens
  • Multiple steam wand options
  • Stainless steel components
  • Lessened recovery time with overabundant steam supply
  • Cup warming trays
  • Simplified milk frothing capabilities
  • Temperature controlled foamers
  • Teflon steam arms for easy cleaning
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Built-in safety features

Unic Espresso Machines

With options for every size business, your customers and employees will have their expectations exceeded by UNIC’s user-friendly, efficient, and consistent espresso machines. UNIC’s innovative designs have earned them patents for their brewing systems and machine varieties, making them a leader in the world of espresso. Their rotating filter holder system automatically expels the used coffee pod into the wastebasket, saving you time and effort. Additionally, UNIC keeps your well-being in mind with its built-in safety features like an automatic shut off when water runs out. Clean up is also a breeze with each machine’s included cleaning kit.

Unic Espresso Grinders

A variety of grinders give users the options for on-demand coffee, whether it’s for professional use or the home barista. From 1.1 pounds to 3.3 pounds, UNIC’s espresso grinders are the perfect addition to any coffee bar.

Unic Warranty

All UNIC products come with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Unic Best Sellers

Unic CDE7DOSER (1304-000)
Unic CDE7DOSER (1304-000)

3.5 Lb Ceado E7 Espresso Grinder

$1,126.95 /ea


Unic TST (1011-002)
Unic TST (1011-002)

6,120 Watt Tango ST Solo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

$18,303.45 /ea


Unic AURA2 (1011-016)
Unic AURA2 (1011-016)

4.6 kW Automatic Two Group Espresso Machine

$10,068.30 /ea


Unic AURA3 (1011-017)
Unic AURA3 (1011-017)

4.6 kW Automatic Three Group Espresso Machine

$12,282.05 /ea


Unic CDE37J (1304-002)
Unic CDE37J (1304-002)

1.3 Lb Ceado E37J Espresso Grinder

$1,502.05 /ea


Unic CDE37K (1304-005)
Unic CDE37K (1304-005)

3.5 Lb Ceado E37K Espresso Grinder

$4,212.45 /ea


Unic CDE37S (1304-008)
Unic CDE37S (1304-008)

3.5 Lb Ceado E37S Espresso Grinder

$2,335.30 /ea


Unic CDE37T (1304-011)
Unic CDE37T (1304-011)

3.5 Lb Ceado E37T Espresso Grinder

$3,388.55 /ea


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