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Ultrafryer manufactures some of the finest deep fryer equipment available, combining modern technology and industry-leading craftsmanship to engineer the best fryer filtration products. Ultrafryer is based in the heart of Texas and is a proud American-based company. With 50 years in the foodservice industry, Ultrafryer is a respected name that delivers reliable products, every time.

Your customers can enjoy the absolute best in deep-fried foods when you choose Ultrafryer fryer filtration tools. Keep your fryer working at its highest potential with top-quality fryer filters. Explore our premium range of Ultrafryer products. You can count on finding the most cost-efficient, reliable deep-frying filters on the market when you choose Ultrafryer products from GoFoodservice.

Our Ultrafryer Products and Availability

GoFoodservice is excited to offer versatile, effective Ultrafryer products to suit every kitchen. Make us your first choice for the Ultrafryer products such as:

  • Ultrafryer Fryer Media Envelope
  • Ultrayfryer Envelope Pads with Powder
  • Ultrafryer Fryer Oil Filter Media

Ultrafryer’s filter media and media envelopes are expertly engineered to fit your commercial fryer. Choose from common sizes including 32” by 23” and 21” by 17 1/2”. GoFoodservice is here to help you find the best products for your kitchen, so please get in touch if you have any questions about Ultrafryer commercial fryer filters.

The Highest Quality Ultrafryer Fryer Filtration

A deep fryer is a mainstay in any commercial kitchen. From restaurants to hotels, banquet halls to caterers, today’s foodservice industry offers fried food at almost every meal. Even hospitals and schools keep deep fryers in their kitchen to deliver everyone’s favorite foods. Your deep fryer needs to be in great working condition at all times to meet the demand. Make sure to properly use and maintain your fryer with Ultrafryer’s fryer filtration system.

GoFoodservice carries Ultrafryer’s envelope-style powder pad fryer oil filter media in multiple sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your fryer. Whether your kitchen uses 32” x 23” fryer filters, or you need 21” x 17 1/2” fryer pads, Ultrafryer has a high-quality product to meet your needs. Each style filter includes a center hole located towards the open end of the envelope, allowing you to safely secure the envelope.

Stock up and be ready for the lunch rush with Ultrafryer’s multipack filters. Each size of the filter is available in packs of 30. You can stay prepared and well-equipped thanks to GoFoodservice.

Learn More about Ultrafryer

Ultrafryer has its roots in 1960s Texas, where the owner of a fried chicken restaurant was unhappy with his existing fryers—and decided to create something new. High demands and unwavering vision eventually led to innovative, industry-leading electric and gas fryers.

Today, Ultrafryer is focused on making the world’s best fryers. These American-made machines are crafted with the highest level of excellence. Thanks to its history in the foodservice industry, Ultrafryer is completely focused on providing the world’s best fryers. Protect your investment and make the best possible food with Ultrafryer commercial fryer filtration products at GoFoodservice.

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