Tornado Commercial Floor Care Equipment

Tornado Industries Inc. specializes in floor care equipment for both industrial and commercial applications. With a long history of creating reliable cleaning equipment stretching nearly 100 years, Tornado remains dedicated to providing best in class floor care equipment that's proven to get the job done.

Expertly Designed With Sustainability In Mind

Tornado's floor machines are designed by cleaning professionals, for cleaning professionals. They maximize cleaning efficiency and focus on the things that matter most, like health and sustainability. Tornado’s floor care machines are expertly engineered to meet today’s strict indoor air quality standards while also offering ergonomic controls for better comfort.

Tornado is so dedicated to the products that they’ve actively worked to improve the health and efficiency of public facilities around the world through research and case studies. Analytical data fuels their innovation and gives them the knowledge to enact change through their products.

Commercial Floor Care Machines For Every Application

Big or small, Tornado has the floor care equipment you need. Their industry-leading floor care equipment is great for large, heavy-duty commercial jobs as well as everyday cleaning for smaller businesses. Tornado’s floor care equipment is as versatile as it is innovative.

Some of our most popular items include vacuums, floor scrubbers, sweepers, and even ride-on floor scrubbers. In addition to those popular items, you’ll find:

  • Rotary Floor Machines
  • Floor Dryers
  • Carpet Shampooers
  • Steam Cleaners
  • ...and so much more!

Browse our selection of Tornado floor care equipment and find out what makes their products industry-acclaimed today!

Best Sellers By Tornado

Tornado 98774

3,758 FPM Windshear™ 3200 Air Mover, 3-Speed, 3/5 HP

Tornado 98132

Marathon 350 Commercial Spot Cleaner

Tornado 94236

20 Gallon Commercial Wet / Dry Vacuum

Tornado 98778

3,400 FPM Windshear™ Storm Air Mover, 3-Speed

Tornado 91449

12" Heavy Duty Commercial Upright Vacuum w/ Onboard Tools

Tornado 91430

12" Heavy Duty Commercial Upright Vacuum w/ Onboard Tools

Tornado 98147

14" Heavy Duty Commercial Upright Vacuum w/ Onboard Tools

Tornado 98834

Pro-Spotter Commercial Spot Cleaner

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