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Texican Specialty Products got its start in the industry in 1987 by developing the best way to store, heat, and serve tortilla chips found in Mexican-style restaurants. Alternative methods to chip storage could be unsanitary and expensive to operate so Texican started a tortilla chip revolution by manufacturing their Tostada Dispenser. It was easy to clean and reduced chip breakage, both of which are qualities their equipment carries to this day.

This new machine was well-received in the foodservice industry, allowing Texican products to be sold nationwide. For the best tortilla chips in town, browse our selection of Texican Specialty Products to find the solution to all your tortilla chip service needs.

It’s not a fiesta until Texican is there!

Texican Tortilla Chip Warmers And Dispensers

Get the party started with warm, delicious tortilla chips that taste fresh from the Rio Grande! Your Mexican restaurant or bar will be the talk of the town with the crispiest nachos around!

Features include:

  • 22 to 44-gallon chip capacity
  • Stainless steel inside and out
  • Simple to use
  • Use freestanding or on countertops
  • Scoops and scoop holders available
  • Optional stand with casters available

Don’t forget to purchase some of Texican’s chip warmer sanitizer and cleaner so that you can keep your chip warmer looking hot! Clean-up and maintenance of the Chipmaster or El Primo take just a couple of minutes, no matter which revolutionary model you choose.

Texican offers a one-year part and 90-day labor warranty, meaning repairs are “nacho” worry!

Best Sellers By Texican Specialty Products

Texican Specialty Products TCD-1

44 Gallon "El Primo" Countertop Tortilla Chip Warmer

Texican Specialty Products TSS

29" x 19" Mobile Equipment Stand for TCD-1

Texican Specialty Products TCD-1PT

44 Gallon "El Primo" Countertop Pass-Through Tortilla Chip Warmer

Texican Specialty Products CD-45

22 Gallon "Chip Master" Countertop Tortilla Chip Warmer

Texican Specialty Products TSP-165AE

"Chip-Pala" Tortilla Chip Scoop & Holder

Texican Specialty Products TSP-165A

"Chip-Pala" Tortilla Chip Scoop Holder

Texican Specialty Products TSP-140

"Chip-Pala" Tortilla Chip Scoop

Texican Specialty Products TSP1011

32 oz TexiClean Sani-Spritz Sanitizer (2/pk)

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