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SunFire manufactures commercial radiant heaters that easily outperform competitor torpedo style heaters. With the SunFire150, you get a heater that is quiet, virtually odorless and goes beyond OSHA standards for indoor commercial applications. Since the SunFire150 emits radiant heat, you don't have to worry about the wind blowing the comfort of warm air away. SunFire also offers a great amount of versatility letting you run the SunFire150 off of a generator or diesel fuel as well as giving you the option to run the heater from a thermostat. See our SunFire150 product page for more info on why SunFire radiant heaters are a great choice for your business!

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SunFire 150
SunFire 150

147,000 Btu Diesel Radiant Patio Heater, 3,500 sq ft

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