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Ensure that your bar is stocked with the best supplies and accessories. Get the Spill-Stop pourer in a variety of colors and ensure that no valuable product is spilled or wasted. Spill-Stop specializes in durable, high-quality accessories so that your barstaff have the tools they need to efficiently prepare drinks.

The Spill-Stop is made of high-quality plastic to ensure that it holds firmly in the bottle and minimizes waste. Made of food-grade plastic, all Spill-Stop pourers are designed to pour effectively with zero impact on taste. The efficient design eliminates spillage or overpouring, ensuring that no valuable ingredients are wasted. The Spill-Stop improves your bar’s overall operations.

Benefits of the Spill-Stop

Avoid wasting expensive liquors and other ingredients with the Spill-Stop, which features an innovative, spill-proof design.

Ensure consistent, accurate pouring so that bar staff can make drinks quickly and efficiently. No splashing, bubbling, or fizzing.

Enjoy a long-lasting, high-efficiency product that raises the level of operation of your bar or restaurant.

More About Spill-Stop - Ultimate High-Grade Bar Supplies

Spill-Stop is one of the largest manufacturers of pourers and other industrial-grade bar supplies in the world. They pride themselves on using the best materials and functional design to deliver top-quality products at a great price point. The Spill-Stop is one of their signature products, and it is widely used by bars and restaurants to improve their operations and efficiency.

Best Sellers By Spill-Stop

Spill-Stop 350-00

Semi-Clear Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-01

Sparkle Red Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-02

Sparkle Green Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-03

Fluorescent Red Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-04

Green Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-05

Blue Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-06

Yellow Plastic Pourer (144/case)

Spill-Stop 350-07

White Plastic Pourer (144/case)

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