Slushee USA Slushy Mixes, Syrups, and Accessories

Slushee USA has been serving mini marts, gas stations, restaurants, concession stands, and more since 1996. With a wide selection of high quality slushy mixes including 100% fruit juice mixes customers will find all their favorite flavors at Slushee USA. For cappuccino lovers Slushee USA also offers a selection of frozen and hot cappuccino mixes. With a variety of drink supplies including paper cups and plastic lids you can stay stocked up on all your slushy needs and more with Slushee USA.

Best Sellers By Slushee USA

Slushee USA 71PCMG1M-1

1 Gallon Piña Colada Slushy Mix (4/case)

Slushee USA 71MAMG1M

1 Gallon Mango Slushy Mix (4/case)

Slushee USA 71PCMG1M

1 Gallon Pink Lemonade Slushy Mix (4/case)

Slushee USA 71SA1G1M

1 Gallon Sour Green Apple Slushy Mix (4/case)

Slushee USA 71STEG1M

1 Gallon Strawberry Slushy Mix (4/case)

Slushee USA 51MG3G1M

1 Gallon Lime Margarita Bar Mix (4/case)

Slushee USA 51MXG1M

1 Gallon Variety Pack Slushy Mix, 100% Juice / No Added Sugar (4/case)

Slushee USA 71BRMG1M

1 Gallon Blue Raspberry Slushy Mix (4/case)

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