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Robot Coupe, U.S.A. has spent three decades as an industry leader in food processors and vegetable preparation units. Having established itself as the industry standard in restaurants, schools, hospitals, catering services, and banquet halls Robot Coupe continues to be committed to research and development, top-notch products, and reliable customer service.

What used to be done by hand, the Robot Coupe commercial food processor began to accomplish with the same accuracy and precision in half the time. That was 30 years ago. Since then the company has developed more offerings making innovative products that deliver real solutions to the foodservice industry. Today, Robot Coupe has made strides with its Power Mixers line that delivers easy cleanup, high power, and enhanced sanitation.

The Robot Coupe brand is affordable and durable. When you’re running a busy kitchen that requires preparation of dishes containing fruit, meats, or vegetables – Robot Coupe has you covered in all areas. Robot Coupe offers speed and durability to handle a high volume of food prep for commercial kitchens. These products are made for accomplishing those necessary tasks in the culinary world, most importantly quality vegetable processing. When you need to slice, julienne, shred chop, grind, puree, mix, or knead – Robot Coupe is the answer.

Our Robot Coupe Product Line-Up Includes:

  • Combination Food Processors - Available in 3 and 7 Quarts with Vertical Shoot
  • Continuous Feed Food Processors,
  • Commercial Electric Juicer Machines
  • Immersion Blenders & Hand Mixers
  • Food Processor Parts & Accessories including blades, grating and slicing plates

Best Sellers By Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe J 80 ULTRA

Automatic Feed Centrifugal Juicer w/ Pulp Extractor

Robot Coupe MP 600 TURBO

24" 1 Speed Heavy Duty Immersion Blender, 120v

Robot Coupe 27055

Flat Blade R201/R2A

Robot Coupe CL50

1 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Food Processor

Robot Coupe 27054

R100 Flat Blade

Robot Coupe R2 DICE ULTRA

3 Quart Combination Food Processor, Vertical Shoot

Robot Coupe R602VV

7 Quart Combination Food Processor, Vertical Shoot

Robot Coupe 49161

Upper Straight Blade R602

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