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GoFoodservice is a proud supplier of Proluxe commercial food prep and cooking equipment. The Proluxe brand represents a professional commitment to producing high-quality equipment for your dough processing and cooking needs. Whether you need to make the best pizza dough, warm tortillas, or caramelize buns, Proluxe commercial foodservice products will meet your needs. Proluxe has a variety of pizza dough presses, offering both automatic and manual options. For example, the Proluxe DP3300 18” Automatic pizza dough press will save time and help you consistently create great pizza dough at your restaurant, catering service, or banquet hall. The Proluxe DPR2000 electric countertop dough sheeter allows you to roll out up to 250 pieces per hour of delicious dough related items like pitas, pastries, pizzas, and more. If you are providing food for hundreds of people per day in a hospital or hotel, you can save food prep time and produce quality dough. Proluxe tortilla warmer grills like the Proluxe TW2025E and bun caramelizers like the Proluxe BC1520 are available to present your customers with the best dough related food possible. The commercial-sized Proluxe equipment allows you to create and cook your signature dough reliably on a large scale, giving your consumers consistent, high-quality food you can be happy to serve them.

Best Sellers By Proluxe

Proluxe DP1100

18" Manual Pizza Dough Press

Proluxe TW2025E

25" x 20" Tortilla Warmer Grill

Proluxe TW2540E

40" x 25" Tortilla Warmer Grill

Proluxe DP2000

18" Manual Pizza Dough Press

Proluxe DP2350M

17" Automatic Pizza Dough Press

Proluxe DP2350S

17" Automatic Pizza Dough Press

Proluxe DP3300M

12" Automatic Pizza Dough Press

Proluxe DP3300

18" Automatic Pizza Dough Press

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