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Pitt Plastics by Inteplast Group offers a wide range of plastic bags for commercial needs. For over 40 years, Pitt Plastics has made everything from light-duty food service bags to heavy duty ice bags. With consistent quality, Pitt Plastics has delivered reliable service to customers throughout their history and will continue to put a strong emphasis on quality assurance.

Dedication To Health And The Environment

Pitt Plastics has innovated their products to focus on health and environmental consciousness. They’re proud to offer an entire line of eco-friendly products for a variety of industries. Additionally, Pitt Plastics is a leader in trash can liners and biohazard waste management. Their line of biohazard bags are puncture, tear, and leak-resistant which gives healthcare facilities the trust they need in infectious waste.

Foodservice Plastics You’ll Love

Pitt Plastics is most known for its foodservice plastics like take-out bags, ice bags, and heavy duty trash can liners. All of these plastic products can withstand the pressures of every commercial restaurant. They boast exceptionally high quality at exceptionally low costs, leaving you room in the budget to invest in other areas of your business.

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Pitt Plastics Best Sellers

Pitt Plastics B71810XK, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Pitt Plastics products
Pitt Plastics B71810XK

7 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 0.35 Mil, Black (1,000/Case)

$17.49 /ea


Pitt Plastics IC1221-TT, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Pitt Plastics products
Pitt Plastics IC1221-TT

10 lb Clear Plastic Ice Bag (1000/Case)

$73.18 /ea


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