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Nor-Lake was founded in 1947 with humble beginnings inside the garage of a creamery in Hudson, Wisconsin. Their initial product designs were crafted for bar and restaurant refrigeration solutions. As a testimony to their quality and forward-thinking nature, some of Nor-Lake’s original products are still being used today, nearly 80 years later.

Nor-Lake’s dedication to advancing the realm of commercial foodservice equipment led them to develop their Scientific Division in 1982. This enabled them to become the first commercial U.S. refrigeration company to implement protective measures to reduce ozone depletion and practice environmental mindfulness.

Nor-Lake was a family-owned business until 2003 when it joined forces with the Standex Foodservice Group. Whether you spell it Nor-Lake or Norlake, you can put your trust in one of the most well-respected names in restaurant refrigeration.

Norlake Walk-In Refrigeration Equipment

Whether your restaurant is looking for a cooler, refrigerator, or freezer, Nor-Lake has an assortment of walk-ins to meet your needs. Models come with or without floors and a plethora of irresistible features.

Cooler, Refrigerator, And Freezer Features:

  • Air-cooled condensing unit
  • Automatic condensate vaporizer
  • 26 gauge corrosion resistant stucco embossed coated steel
  • Self-closing doors
  • EPA-compliant insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Magnetic gaskets

Walk-In Box Features:

  • Self-closing doors
  • EPA-compliant insulation
  • 26 gauge corrosion resistant coated steel
  • LED lighting
  • Digital thermometer

Many of our Nor-Lake products are even available for same-day shipping, keeping your kitchen running smoothly! Nor-Lake stands proudly behind their commercial refrigeration equipment with a generous warranty of 18 months parts and labor and 15 years for the original equipment panel.

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Norlake 149532, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Norlake products
Norlake 149532

3" Casters, Set of 6

$428.95 /ea


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