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Nemox is a company based in Italy that specializes in developing innovative equipment for niche markets. They’ve been changing the face of the frozen goods industry since 1986. With skilled engineers using high-quality technology, Nemox is able to produce functional, easy to use equipment for both professional and domestic use. They strive to produce unparalleled products based on the principles of quality, function, and affordable prices.

Today, Nemox has produced over six million gelato machines and has become one of the first Italian companies to receive ISO 9001 certification, making them a leading worldwide manufacturer of ice cream, sorbet, and gelato equipment.

Nemox Commercial Gelato And Ice Cream Machines

Nemox’s commercial gelato machines offer the perfect blend of streamlined functionality and affordability. Their assortment of sizes and output capacities ensures that there is a gelato machine for every ice cream shop or restaurant. When you choose Nemox for your frozen treats, you’re choosing a delicious and consistent quality that your customers will crave.

Nemox Features include:

  • Software that runs the machine independently
  • Four production programs: gelato classico, semi-soft ice cream, granita, and shock freezing)
  • Produce up to 15 quarts per hour
  • Four storage options
  • Stainless steel exterior and blade for easy cleaning
  • Built-in safety features
  • Countertop or freestanding options
  • Casters included
  • Fast cycle times of just 12-15 minutes

Nemox proudly stands behind its products with a one-year part and labor warranty.

Browse our selection of masterfully crafted Nemox Italian ice cream machines that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Nemox Best Sellers

Nemox Gelato 10K
Nemox Gelato 10K

15 Qts/Hr Freestanding Gelato Machine

$7,720.00 /ea

Free Shipping

Nemox Gelato 6K
Nemox Gelato 6K

10.6 Qts/Hr Countertop Gelato Machine

$4,985.00 /ea

Free Shipping

Nemox Gelato 5K
Nemox Gelato 5K

7.4 Qts/Hr Countertop Gelato Machine

$3,395.00 /ea


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