Master-Bilt Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Master-Bilt originated in 1938 in a three-car garage manufacturing refrigerated walk-in coolers for use on dairy farms. Through continued innovation, skill and dedication, Master-Bilt has created some of the best walk-in refrigeration options in the foodservice industry. With Master-Bilt, you’ll find a wide variety of cooling options for your business, including walk-in refrigerators, walk-in freezers, and much more.

Walk-in Box Refrigerators

Whether you operate a sandwich shop, restaurant, bakery, deli or another establishment that serves food, we have the right supplies, and walk-in refrigeration equipment you'll need to maintain a successful business. Chill your food with the power of Master-Bilt walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. All pre-fab walk-in box coolers from Master-Bilt give you an efficient cooling system for your restaurant or business operation in no time!

Walk-in Cooler Refrigeration Unit

Master-Bilt walk-in coolers, provide the right amount of temperature-controlled space. Numerous benefits, simple assembly methods, a diversity of panel, and door features set Master-Bilt walk-ins apart from other manufacturers. With an ability to work in temperatures up to 100 degrees, Master-Bilt walk-in cooler refrigeration units let you refrigerate all food easily, and efficiently.

Best Sellers By Master-Bilt

Master-Bilt DC-10D

66.63" Flip Top Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet, White

Master-Bilt MB5760810FIHDX

93" x 116" x 90" Heavy Duty Indoor Walk-in Freezer w/ Floor

Master-Bilt DC-10DSE

66.63" Flip Top Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet, Stainless Steel

Master-Bilt DD-88

90.75" Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet, White

Master-Bilt DD-88L

90.75" Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet, Low Glass, White

Master-Bilt MB5721014CIX

116" x 162" x 86" Indoor Walk-in Cooler w/ No Floor

Master-Bilt MB5760812COX

93" x 139" x 90" Outdoor Walk-in Cooler w/ Floor

Master-Bilt MB5760814COX

93" x 162" x 90" Outdoor Walk-in Cooler w/ Floor

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