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Lunar Ice™ by Admiral Craft brings you a selection of commercial ice machines and soft-serve ice cream machines. With Admiral Craft's longstanding experience in the foodservice industry, you can rest easy knowing that Lunar Ice machines carry the same quality and reliability your business needs.

Lunar Ice specializes in high-efficiency equipment that exceeds quality standards and performance expectations. Whether you seek a reliable ice machine for your hotel, banquet hall, or hospital or a multifunctional soft-serve ice cream machine for your restaurant or cafe, we have the best option for your budget. GoFoodservice is a preferred supplier of Lunar Ice machines and can help your business meet your production needs. By selecting GoFoodservice as your point of contact for Lunar Ice, you’ll make a lasting investment in your business.

Lunar Ice offers a robust lineup of ice machines and ice cream machines, including:

  • Commercial-grade ice cream machines suitable for dining halls and cafés
  • Compact and under-counter ice machines suitable for bars, cafés, and restaurants
  • Large ice machines that can be installed in hospitals, break rooms, hotels, and more
  • Ice storage bins that fit in most places
  • & more!

Lunar Ice Commercial Ice Machines and Storage Bins

Ensure that your customers, guests, and employees always have access to high-quality ice with our dual-function ice production and storage machines. With air-cooled technology and temperature-controlled storage, these machines offer both optimal energy efficiency and quality production, so that you can have a reliable source of ice for your business.

Lunar Ice Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Lunar Ice represents the gold standard of soft-serve technology so that you can offer delicious, frozen treats to your customers and guests. All machines feature a high capacity, sturdy parts, and powerful dispensing technology to ensure ease of use. Whether you’re looking for a special addition to your dining hall or a way to enhance your restaurant’s or café’s offerings, we have a soft-service machine that will perform beyond your expectations.

More About Lunar Ice - Economical Commercial Ice Equipment Built to Last

Lunar Ice is part of Admiral Craft, which has produced high-standard food service equipment for many years. Our commitment to quality means that we take every opportunity to engineer and build ice machines that will best serve your business’s needs. With air-cooling technology and top-grade materials, we ensure that our machines are built to last.

Notice to Residential End Users

While Admiral Craft Products are designed specifically for those in the commercial foodservice industry, a certain number of their products can be used in residential environments. If installed or used in a residential environment, please note there are limitations to their warranty policy and should be considered when purchasing their products. The majority of service companies they work with for their products are not insured to go into residential homes. This also includes a business that is located inside a home within a residential zone. The homeowner is responsible for providing their own service technician when needed. Admiral Craft will supply and ship the required parts free of charge.

There are some notable differences between commercial and non-commercial pieces of refrigeration and cooking equipment.

  • Commercial equipment Is designed for functionality and heavy use in a commercial environment.
  • Commercial equipment Is not insulated as thoroughly as non-commercial equipment and generates much more heat. Many pieces of commercial equipment also require a ventilation hood system and a fire-suppression system to comply with local fire and building codes.
  • Commercial equipment consumes more power than non-commercial equipment
  • Commercial equipment Is often louder than a comparable non-commercial piece of equipment.

When commercial products are installed in a non-commercial setting your homeowner's insurance could be void.

Lunar Ice Best Sellers

Lunar Ice LIIM-77, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LIIM-77

15" Air Cooled Bullet Ice Undercounter Ice Machine, 77 Lb

$1,328.00 /ea


Lunar Ice LIIM-350, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LIIM-350

22" Air Cooled Full Cube Ice Machine w/ Ice Bin, 350 Lb

$3,069.00 /ea


Lunar Ice LIIM-210, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LIIM-210

26" Air Cooled Medium Cube Undercounter Ice Machine, 210 Lb

$1,748.00 /ea


Lunar Ice LIIM-66, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LIIM-66

18" Air Cooled Full Cube Undercounter Ice Machine, 66 Lb

$1,294.00 /ea


Lunar Ice LUIB310, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LUIB310

22" 310 Lb Ice Storage Bin, Stainless Steel Exterior

$846.00 /ea

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Lunar Ice LUIM-360, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LUIM-360

22" Air Cooled Full Cube Ice Machine, 373 Lb

$2,298.00 /ea


Lunar Ice LIIC-1H, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Lunar Ice products
Lunar Ice LIIC-1H

Commercial Soft Serve Machine, (1) 11.6 Quart

$5,452.00 /ea


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