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When it comes to getting all of those bags of ice that are vital to your office's success all packed up and stored away, there is one choice on the market: Kloppenberg Ice Baggers. Known for their immense stainless steel fabrication, Kloppenberg have created useful tools like Kloppenberg ice bagging and Kloppenberg ice dispensers for many years. Kloppenberg began to provide top quality ice storage solutions shortly after the Second World War, and continue to do so until today.

Kloppenberg's expertise and their standards ensures that they are a popular name in healthcare, military and hospitality industry. It’s Kloppenberg's expertise and knowledge of what makes a big difference which ensures they continue to draw people back to use their services time and time again. If you want to make sure that you can improve the standard of ice storage within your business, then be sure to look at the numerous Kloppenberg ice baggers we have at GoFoodservice waiting for your viewing pleasure.

Kloppenberg Ice Baggers: Among the best

Ice is one of the most crucial elements of any facility's food and beverage operations, and if you need to consistently have ice available for patients, students, or employees, a Kloppenberg ice bagger is the way to ensure plenty of ice is on hand. Kloppenberg sells a variety of commercial ice baggers, with options ranging from 647 lbs up to 2,000 lbs of ice. With the easy to use dispensers built right in to your Kloppenberg ice bagging equipment, getting your ice bag filled-up is a breeze along with how easy it is to removal the stress from the loss of ice that may happen with many other brands.

Best Sellers By Kloppenberg

Kloppenberg DISP-1000

1,078 Lb Ice Bagger & Dispenser System

Kloppenberg DISP-2000-IBU

2,254 Lb Ice Bagger & Dispenser System

Kloppenberg DISP-500

647 Lb Ice Bagger & Dispenser System

Kloppenberg DISP-500-IND

647 Lb Ice Bagger & Dispenser System

Kloppenberg DISP-1000-IND

1,078 Lb Ice Bagger & Dispenser System

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