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Hand-foil of America Inc., also known as HFA, has been an American foodservice staple for nearly 80 years. They’re recognized as market leaders through their expansive product line of foil containers and accessories. HFA’s commitment to research and innovation is the recipe for success that has kept their products adaptable over time.

HFA’s products are made of the highest American quality in one of their three U.S. manufacturing plants. Their three facilities are located in Wheeling, Illinois; Naperville, Illinois; and their newest in Antioch, Illinois. These state-of-the-art facilities come together to offer nearly 1.6 million square feet of cutting edge manufacturing!

Some of HFA’s most notable innovations include:

  • Tru-Fit Steam Table Pans
  • Snap ‘N Stack No-Crimp Packaging
  • Eco-Foil
  • Handi-Max
  • Steam Savers
  • JIF Foil
  • Gourmet-To-Go

In addition to its ever-evolving packaging, HFA also boasts the most reliable commercial kitchen food prep, serving, and storage solutions.

Cling Wrap And Plastic Food Wrap

HFA’s Handi-Film comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 12” to 24” wide with a length of 2,000’. With an optional side cutter and 35 gauge thickness, HFA’s commercial cling wrap will keep your restaurant or event venue kitchen clean and organized while also keeping your food fresh.

Aluminum Foil Food Wrap

Aluminum foil’s versatility has as wide of a range as HFA’s aluminum foil product line itself. With aluminum foil rolls ranging from 500’ to 1,000’ in widths of 12” to 24”, there’s a box for every size kitchen. Heavy-duty rolls and interfolded sheets further their selection, assuring all of your foil needs are met.

Aluminum Foil Steam Table Pans And Lids

HFA takes their aluminum foil product line one step further with their plentiful aluminum foil steam table pans and lids. Great for caterers or commercial kitchens of any scale, pan sizes range from 1/3 to full size, meaning you can keep your steam table food supply ready at all times.

HFA’s line of disposable aluminum and food wrap products will help you keep your kitchen efficient and reduce food waste, saving you both time and money.

HFAinc Best Sellers

HFAinc 4030-25-200
HFAinc 4030-25-200

1/3 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid (200/Case)

$89.65 /ea


HFAinc 11205
HFAinc 11205

12" x 1000' Food Service Aluminum Foil Roll

$60.89 /ea


HFAinc 4035-40-200
HFAinc 4035-40-200

1/3 Size Foil Steam Table Pan (200/Case)

$126.89 /ea


Out of Stock
HFAinc 85249
HFAinc 85249

24" x 500' Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

$149.85 /ea


HFAinc 2049-30-100
HFAinc 2049-30-100

1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid (100/Case)

$41.59 /ea


Out of Stock
HFAinc 51208
HFAinc 51208

12" x 500' Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

$64.98 /ea


HFAinc 11805
HFAinc 11805

18" x 1000' Food Service Aluminum Foil Roll

$89.98 /ea


HFAinc 11808
HFAinc 11808

18" x 1000' Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

$134.89 /ea


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