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Grista™ by Admiral Craft is an economical line of commercial refrigeration equipment for businesses looking to get the most out of their budget. With a selection of ETL-certified equipment, Grista is a perfect choice for food service businesses that are just entering the market. Boasting a standard one-year part and labor warranty along with a five-year warranty on compressors, Grista units offer reliable service that keeps your business moving at a pace destined for success. If you’re looking for commercial-grade foodservice equipment that won’t break the bank, look no further. Grista is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Grista Refrigerated Prep Tables

Store prepped ingredients and bask in the glory of a conveniently designed full-length cutting board on one of Grista’s refrigerated prep tables. Whether you’re looking for a refrigerated pizza prep table or a refrigerated sandwich prep table, Grista has the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Features include:

  • 28” to 60” sandwich or salad prep tables with 1 or 2 doors
  • 71” to 92” pizza prep tables with 2 or 3 doors
  • Food pans included
  • Digital temperature controls with LED display
  • Casters included

Grista Reach-In Refrigerators And Freezers

Keep food cold and fresh with Grista’s reach-in freezers and refrigerators. With a size for every kitchen, these environmentally-friendly refrigerators and freezers are bound to please kitchen staff as much as they’ll please Mother Nature herself.

Features include:

  • 29” to 54” width
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel exterior for easy cleaning
  • Corrosion-resistant shelves with 90 lbs capacity each
  • Auto defrost
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Casters included
  • Interior LED lighting

Grista Undercounter Refrigerators And Freezers

Looking for a space-saving alternative for your commercial kitchen? Grista’s undercounter refrigeration units will not only save you money but also valuable kitchen space. They’re perfect for pizzerias, cafés, bakeries, or any other foodservice establishment.

Features include:

  • 29” to 47” width
  • 1 or 2 doors
  • Self-closing door with automatic evaporator shutoff when open
  • Automatic defrost
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Casters included

Grista’s amazing prices are only outdone by their impeccable attention to detail. Take a look around our selection of Grista foodservice equipment and prepare to be amazed!

Notice to Residential End Users

While Admiral Craft Products are designed specifically for those in the commercial foodservice industry, a certain number of their products can be used in residential environments. If installed or used in a residential environment, please note there are limitations to their warranty policy and should be considered when purchasing their products. The majority of service companies they work with for their products are not insured to go into residential homes. This also includes a business that is located inside a home within a residential zone. The homeowner is responsible for providing their own service technician when needed. Admiral Craft will supply and ship the required parts free of charge.

There are some notable differences between commercial and non-commercial pieces of refrigeration and cooking equipment.

  • Commercial equipment Is designed for functionality and heavy use in a commercial environment.
  • Commercial equipment Is not insulated as thoroughly as non-commercial equipment and generates much more heat. Many pieces of commercial equipment also require a ventilation hood system and a fire-suppression system to comply with local fire and building codes.
  • Commercial equipment consumes more power than non-commercial equipment
  • Commercial equipment Is often louder than a comparable non-commercial piece of equipment.

When commercial products are installed in a non-commercial setting your homeowner's insurance could be void.

Grista Best Sellers

Grista GRFZ-2D, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRFZ-2D

54" 2 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer

$2,545.00 /ea


Grista GRRF-2D, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRRF-2D

54" 2 Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator

$2,298.00 /ea


Grista GRFZ-1D, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRFZ-1D

29" 1 Solid Door Reach-In Freezer

$1,698.00 /ea


Grista GRUCFZ-27, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRUCFZ-27

29" 1 Solid Door Undercounter Freezer

$1,174.00 /ea


Grista GRRF-1D, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRRF-1D

29" 1 Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator

$1,518.00 /ea


Grista GRSL-1D, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRSL-1D

28" 1 Door Sandwich / Salad Prep Table, (6) 1/6 Size Pans

$1,226.00 /ea


Grista GRSL-2D/60, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Grista products
Grista GRSL-2D/60

60" 2 Door Sandwich / Salad Prep Table, (8) 1/3 Size Pans

$2,076.00 /ea


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