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Some of the best memories of childhoods are the indulgent treats and snacks that we associate with birthday parties, carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. Great Western has been an industry leader in concession foods for over 50 years and can help establish any business as one of those memory-making locations.

Although they started out with a focus on popcorn, they have grown and expanded in the last half-century to include other delicious foods, like snow cone syrups, floss sugars for cotton candy, seasonings for popcorn, batter mixes for corn dogs and funnel cakes, and candy apple mixes. And they don’t stop there! They also have a cleaning and janitorial supply facility in Alabama and are a master distributor for most concession equipment manufacturers.

Providing products worldwide, Great Western is helping businesses make memories all over the world, including Canada, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and South America. They can help find the right solution for your business, whether it’s with private label and branded products, including Premium America, Sunglo Popcorn, Frostee Slushie Mix, Frostee Snow Cones, Chillee Snow Cones, and Great Western Products Company. Let Great Western help you be the place families make their memories with their extensive line of food products and machinery.

Best Sellers By Great Western

Great Western 16005

3.25 Lb Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (6/Case)

Great Western 16067

3.25 Lb Maple Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (6/Case)

Great Western 16015

3.25 Lb Pink Bubblegum Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (6/Case)

Great Western 16035

3.25 Lb Purple Grape Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (6/Case)

Great Western 16024

3.25 Lb Red Cherry Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (6/Case)

Great Western 16094

3.25 Lb Strawberry Cotton Candy Floss Sugar (6/Case)

Great Western 16180

Cotton Candy Bags (1,000/Case)

Great Western 16190

Paper Cotton Candy Cones (1,000/Case)

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