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Goldmax Poly-King manufactures a wide variety of disposables and supplies for the restaurant and janitorial industries. Based in Southern California, Goldmax Poly-King is family-owned and seeks to deliver the highest quality restaurant supplies your business needs. Their range of products includes essential supplies such as disposable gloves, cutlery, straws, chopsticks, and much more!

Solid Quality At Small Prices

Goldmax Poly-King disposables are great for businesses that offer dining on the go, like food trucks and restaurants that offer take out. Whether you’re looking for individually wrapped disposable flatware, disposable chopsticks, or disposable drinking straws, Goldmax Poly-King is a brand that you can’t go wrong with.

In addition to their disposable foodservice products, Goldmax Poly-King offers budget-friendly janitorial solutions like disposable toilet seat covers. All of these products will cost you just pennies per piece, meaning you’ll keep customers satisfied and have plenty of budget leftover to invest in other areas of your business. Their attention to detail, dedication to quality, and promotion of health and sanitation are all part of what makes Goldmax Poly-King products stand apart from the competition.

Browse our selection of Goldmax Poly-King products and stock up on all of your essential restaurant supplies today!

Best Sellers By Goldmax Poly-King

Goldmax Poly-King MK5

Individually Wrapped Plastic Flatware Set (250/case)

Goldmax Poly-King MK7

Individually Wrapped Plastic Flatware Set (250/case)

Goldmax Poly-King MK12

Individually Wrapped Plastic Flatware Set (500/case)

Goldmax Poly-King 22551

Individually Wrapped Medium Weight Plastic Forks (1,000/case)

Goldmax Poly-King 1024-1

8" Aspen Disposable Chopsticks (4,000/case)

Goldmax Poly-King 39211

10 1/4" Individually Wrapped Giant Plastic Straws, Black (3,000/case)

Goldmax Poly-King 2100-4

250 pk Disposable Toilet Set Cover (4/case)

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