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Genpak strives to make the most innovative food packaging products to enhance relationships between businesses and customers. With one of the safest manufacturing facilities in the industry, Genpak produces a wide range of food packing products including take-out containers, to-go boxes, and food trays for highly automated processing facilities.

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Genpak’s disposable food packaging products come in a variety of materials including plastic, paper, foam, compostable, and eco-friendly options. Their containers are innovative and consistently push the boundaries in order to make breakthroughs in the realm of disposable food packaging. Many of their products are microwave safe and expertly designed to keep food items fresher for longer.

Genpak food packaging comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to fit the needs of every restaurant or cafe. Black take-out containers, white foam containers, clear plastic to-go boxes, and options like vented lids and take-out boxes with compartments are all facets of what makes Genpak a leader in disposable food packaging.

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