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Add a Game Changer smoker to your kitchen and you’ll see that this brand delivers on its promises. Smoking and dehydrating are some of civilization's oldest food preparation methods, yet Game Changer truly does provide innovative new options. The Game Changer Electric Smoker is a powerful investment for any kitchen. This smoker is easy to add to your current operations since it doesn’t require a gas connection or direct hood access. An 8’ flexible exhaust duct lets you be creative with your placement. This smoker is even rated for marine use on cruise ships, pleasure tours, luxury yachts, and other vessels that are over 65’ long. Heavy-duty casters, including two locking casters, make these smokers easy to rearrange as needed.

A Game Changer Convection Smoker is the perfect way to highlight your team's creativity and expertise. Showcase different cooking techniques, cuisines, and culinary influences by cold smoking, heat smoking, or dehydrating your dishes. The Game Changer smoker can accommodate up to 20 sheet pans using the removable bakery rack. Additional accessory racks let you smoke your own jerky, sausage, and even whole pigs. Join the farm-to-table movement with a Game Changer Electric Smoker!

It’s easy to achieve reliable, predictable results when you use a Game Changer Convention Smoker. Cleverly-placed convection fans maintain proper air circulation, entirely preventing hot or cold spots. Track your food’s progress with a fully-integrated meat temperature probe and remote app-based access. Forget about nights spent in the kitchen to check on your smoker. Game Changer’s app lets you manage long smoking times from the comfort of your own home. Most users also see a 10% yield improvement thanks to Game Changer’s moisture-protective design.

Game Changer smokers can truly revolutionize your kitchen, menu, and overall operations. If you have questions, the GoFoodservice team is always here to talk. We love discussing restaurant equipment with our wonderful clients! Get in touch today to learn more about professional smokers from Game Changer.

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