Fortune Plastics Trash Can Liners

Fortune Plastics was established in 1955 and is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry. Employing hundreds of Americans across their four production facilities, Fortune Plastics delivers efficiency and sustainability to each of its customers. Their bags and trash can liners use high-quality flexible polyethylene to hold up with thorough use and come in high density and low density varieties to suit whatever application you need.

Best Sellers By Fortune Plastics

Fortune Plastics BCX40

33 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 2 Mil, Black (100/Case)

Fortune Plastics BK32BK

15 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 0.7 Mil, Black (500/Case)

Fortune Plastics CRHD3037R

30 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 8 Mic, Clear (500/Case)

Fortune Plastics BC60S

60 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 1.7 Mil, Black (100/Case)

Fortune Plastics CRHD3860X

60 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 16 Mic, Clear (200/Case)

Fortune Plastics CRHD4048XH

40 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 22 Mic, Black (150/Case)

Fortune Plastics 100NP

1 Pint Tuff Food Bag, .52 Mil, Clear (1,000/Case)

Fortune Plastics IM48WH

45 Gallon Trash Can Liner, 0.7 Mil, White (100/Case)

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