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Edlund has been redefining innovation in the commercial kitchen equipment industry for nearly 100 years. With kitchen and portion scales that have won best in class 14 times, you can trust that you're getting the quality kitchen equipment you need.

In order to keep up with today's operations and take them to the next level, Edlund manufactures a wide variety of kitchen prep equipment and smallwares including meat slicers, vegetable cutters, can openers, and knife sharpeners that have been repeatedly recognized for their excellent design. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Vermont with distribution centers in the United States, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Their vast product line and strategically located facilities lend themselves to Edlund’s long term success and global reach.

Edlund Scales

Edlunds most renowned products are their kitchen scales. Their scales come in a vast array of sizes and functionality, making Edlund kitchen scales the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.

  • Portion scales
    • Digital or dial
    • Heavy-duty and waterproof models available
    • 10 to 30 lbs capacity
    • Metric or imperial measurements
    • Optional bowl, ice cream, or fry weighing attachments
  • Baker’s dough scales
    • Stainless steel for quick clean up
    • 8 to 16 lbs capacity
    • Counterweight models available
  • Digital pizza scales
    • 10 to 20 lbs capacity
    • Stainless steel
    • Reads in pounds, ounces, or grams
    • Easily accessible tare buttons
  • Receiving scales
    • 25 to 300 lbs capacity
    • Stainless steel for easy sanitation
    • Fixed dial or digital

Edlund Knives and Cutlery Equipment

Edlund’s award-winning knives and equipment have earned them the reputation of being an industry leader. Their foodservice equipment will keep your restaurant or hotel kitchen running at peak operation.

  • Two-step knife sharpeners
  • Knife grinding wheels
  • Knife rack sanitizing systems
  • UV knife sterilizing cabinets

In addition to their innovative product line, Edlund stands behind its products with a one year warranty on their foodservice equipment.

Edlund Best Sellers

Edlund 610 (61000)
Edlund 610 (61000)

Air Powered Crown Punch Can Opener

$4,500.65 /ea

Free Shipping

Edlund A756
Edlund A756

Stainless Steel Crown Punch Can Opener Blade

$526.89 /ea


Edlund EDV-1KT (KT1000)
Edlund EDV-1KT (KT1000)

#1 Edvantage™ Replacement Blade & Gear Kit

$65.19 /ea


Edlund EDV-1PB (10100)
Edlund EDV-1PB (10100)

Edvantage #1 Manual Can Opener w/ Plated Base

$166.77 /ea


Edlund EDV-1SS (10300)
Edlund EDV-1SS (10300)

Edvantage #1 Manual Can Opener w/ Stainless Steel Base

$194.31 /ea


Edlund 1 (11100)
Edlund 1 (11100)

"Old Reliable" Manual Can Opener w/ Plated Steel Base, Table Mount

$128.52 /ea


Edlund 2 (12100)
Edlund 2 (12100)

"Old Reliable" Table Style Manual Can Opener, Table Mount

$104.55 /ea


Edlund 625M (62400)
Edlund 625M (62400)

Heavy Duty Air Powered Crown Punch Can Opener w/ Magnetic Lid Remover

$8,341.30 /ea

Free Shipping

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