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For nearly a century, Dixie has provided paper cups for customers across the United States. Starting with a need to produce one use paper cups, Dixie quickly became a recognizable brand in households nationwide. As the fast food industry took off, Dixie again responded to the needs of the industry and began mass producing custom paper cups for restaurants across the country.

Today, Dixie continues to produce paper cups for the foodservice, healthcare, and residential industries. With years of experience producing sanitary paper cups for the foodservice industry, Dixie eventually expanded to producing dinnerware such as paper plates and paper platters as well. Dixie's variety of paper cups and paper plates can fit any occasion so browse our selection of Dixie products and shop today!

Best Sellers By Dixie

Dixie 5PPATH

5 oz Wax Treated Cold Cups (2,400/Case)

Dixie TP9550

White Paper Hot Cup Lids for 20-24 oz Cups (1,000/Case)

Dixie CPET16DX

16 oz. Clear PETE Plastic Cups (500/Case)

Dixie GW104

10 1/4" Red Individually Wrapped Plastic Giant Straws (1,200/Case)

Dixie DBP09W

8 1/2" White Light Weight Paper Plates (500/Case)

Dixie SXP10W

10" White Heavy Weight Paper Plates (500/Case)

Dixie UX9WS

8 1/2" Leaf Pattern Medium Weight Paper Plates (500/Case)

Dixie DBP06W

6" White Light Weight Paper Plates (1,200/Case)

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