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Dial has been one of America's most trusted soap brands for over 70 years! Dial consumers have welcomed their products into their homes and businesses for generations. With its innovative formula, Dial was the first company in the world to successfully market effective deodorant soap that removed skin bacteria that cause odor from perspiration. Today, Dial cleaning products encompass all kinds of soap and body wash that will give you cleaner, healthier skin. Dial soap products including foaming and liquid hand soap so you can choose whichever delivery method you prefer. Their formula is created with antimicrobial properties that are gentle on the skin but kills 99.99% of bacteria found on the skin’s surface. This leads Dial soap products to reduce cross-contamination in kitchens and help stop the spread of illness-causing germs and bacteria. Because of Dial soap’s gentle formula, users can wash their hands repeatedly while still feeling moisturized and not experiencing painful cracking or peeling. They even offer hypoallergenic options that have been dermatologist-approved for even the most sensitive skin types. Dial cleaning products have a variety of mild scents that leave skin not only feeling fresh but smelling fresh too!

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Dial 2340084014, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Dial products
Dial 2340084014

7 1/2 oz Gold Liquid Hand Soap (12/case)

$34.98 /ea


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