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When shopping for your commercial kitchen’s cutlery, you need the peace of mind that the knives and utensils you purchase are built to last. Look no further than Dexter-Russell knives. Since the early 19th century, Dexter-Russell has manufactured supreme-quality knives in the United States. Specially designed to help your chefs and cooks perform at optimal levels, Dexter-Russell delivers a wide variety of knives and utensils that help any kitchen run more efficiently.

Choose from a broad range of top-quality cutlery, including carving knives, chef’s knives, utility knives, spatulas, pizza cutters, and more. All products benefit from Dexter-Russell’s finest construction and design, honed over more than 200 years of excellence. Dexter-Russell products represent an investment in your commercial or industrial kitchen and the people who work there. No matter which Dexter-Russell products you choose, your kitchen staff will thank you.

Benefits of Dexter-Russell Products

  • Various knife styles can accommodate any food preparation and serving needs.
  • Knives are constructed with stainless steel and durable, rust-proof handles for optimal longevity and performance.
  • All products are designed to be ergonomic and easily wielded to maximize your kitchen’s efficiency and the quality of its food.
  • Additional utensils and cutlery help your kitchen have a full set of high-quality cutlery to meet any food prep needs.

More About Dexter-Russell Products: Professional- Grade Knives and Cutlery

Dexter-Russell originated in the year 1818 making it one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the United States. With a long history of producing the much-needed knives of the time including surgical equipment and hunting knives that were essential on the western frontier, Dexter-Russell became a pioneer in the knife forging industry. By using high-quality steel and employing skilled European craftsmen, the tools and knives Dexter-Russell produced became renowned for being some of the finest blades on the market.

Today, Dexter-Russell has become one of the top cutlery manufacturers in the world, producing the largest line of professional knives by any one company. Whether you need the essential chef knife, versatile utility knife, or more specialized butcher's tools such as cleavers and boning knives, Dexter-Russell has a wide selection of traditional and modern cutlery for you to choose from.

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