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With sales in over 100 nations across the globe, there is a good reason that so many people trust CookRite to do the job they need. Known as passionate professionals who produce high standard equipment, CookRite makes the often strenuous experience of dealing with cooking equipment so much easier. They offer a host of affordable but high-quality equipment that you can enjoy using and they also make it simple for you to expand your cooking operations and branch out.

From impressive CookRite commercial gas ranges and CookRite stock pot ranges to CookRite convection ovens and CookRite charbroilers, we have something for every food serving business. If you want to take the standard of your kitchen to the next level, then the sheer variety of options that we have from CookRite will make what is often a tough decision a whole lot simpler. From CookRite electric steam tables to CookRite countertop gas griddles, we ensure that you can make short work of any cooking equipment issues that you might have.

Don’t settle for the second-best: with the help of CookRite restaurant cooking equipment, you can make sure that you never have to settle for anything other than a higher standard of cleaning, conditioning, and commercial cooking quality. For that reason, we recommend that you spend more time looking a bit closer at the opportunities that exist for you in terms of new CookRite appliances. From a CookRite salamander broiler to a CookRite commercial countertop gas range, you will find something that is absolutely perfect in dealing with some of the challenges that you might face in the kitchen.

Don’t let your kitchen have a limitation. Whatever your staff needs, you are sure to find that CookRite commercial cooking equipment will likely offer a reliable and professional solution that you can easily make the most of for your restaurant. Give your staff the best means of cooking so that your customers can enjoy the quality of the food that they get. Designed to last for many years, any piece of CookRite cooking equipment that you buy should come with the guarantee of improving your commercial cooking operation. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make sure you can find CookRite equipment that’s entirely beneficial for your specific needs.

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CookRite 21201001019, part of GoFoodservice's collection of CookRite products
CookRite 21201001019

Fryer Tank Cover for ATFS-40/50

$75.00 /ea


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