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Cellucap Manufacturing produces a wide array of disposable, protective gear for the foodservice, industrial, and medical industries. With six state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities located across North America, Cellucap ensures that its customers receive high-quality products with quick turnaround times.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Cellucap produces classic disposable foodservice materials like chef hats, hairnets, gloves, and so much more. In addition to the timeless disposable PPE, Cellucap also focuses on developing new products that adapt to new industry requirements and expectations. Cellucap is constantly innovating new products to help restaurant workers, healthcare workers, and industrial businesses maintain proper protection at all times, with costs that won’t break the bank. With a variety of colors, styles, and designs, Cellucap offers something for everyone no matter which industry you’re in.

Budget-Friendly And Allergy-Free

Cellucap’s hairnets, beard nets, bouffant caps, and disposable gloves allow you to protect your employees, your product, and your customers for just pennies. Bulk quantities and flat packaging allows for easy shipment and storage on your shelves with plenty of product to ensure you never run low. Cellucap’s products are hand-sewn, giving you the confidence that these disposable PPE products won’t fail when you need them the most. Additionally, Cellucap also offers latex-free disposable foodservice materials so that everyone can use them without posing a hazard to health.

You'll find a variety of Cellucap products including hairnets, bouffant caps, beard nets, and more so browse our selection to get stocked up on disposable foodservice essentials today!

Best Sellers By Cellucap

Cellucap BIX4HSBL

24" Polypropylene Bouffant, Blue (1,000/case)

Cellucap PG5LD

Disposable Clear Poly Food Service Gloves, Large (10,000/case)

Cellucap BI4HSRDD

21" Polypropylene Bouffant, Red (1,000/case)

Cellucap BI4HSBL

21" Polypropylene Bouffant, Blue (1,000/case)

Out of Stock
Cellucap BI4HSD

21" Polypropylene Bouffant, White (1,000/case)

Cellucap K228HNBK

28" Polyester Honeycomb Koronet, Black (1,000/case)

Cellucap BN5WT

Nylon Beard Net, White (1,000/case)

Cellucap B4HSBL

18" Polypropylene Bouffant, Blue (1,000/case)

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