Cecilware Pro Food Equipment

The secret to an efficient commercial kitchen is high-quality equipment, and that’s what Grindmaster’s Cecilware Pro Food Equipment line offers. From fryers to hot plates to grills, you can stock a full-featured kitchen with this line of top-grade cooking and warming equipment. Cecilware also includes countertop refrigerators for efficient storage for cold drinks and perishables, as well as heated dispensers for hot beverages.  All Cecilware Pro products are made of superior materials to ensure their durability and performance. Trusted by award-winning kitchens everywhere, Cecilware grills, charbroilers, griddles, hot plates, and warming/cooling equipment ensure optimal food preparation and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Cecilware Pro Equipment

Ensure that your commercial kitchen produces the highest quality food with equipment that cooks and heats evenly. No more hot spots or burns. Improve your kitchen’s operational efficiency with industrial-strength, energy-efficient devices that can quickly heat or cool food and beverages. Enjoy a durable, professional-grade set of equipment that meets every unique need your kitchen may experience.

More About Grindmaster’s Cecilware - Ultimate High-Grade Cooking/Warming/Cooling Equipment

Cecilware Pro prides itself on providing top-performing equipment to commercial kitchens. With both gas and electric options, plus user-friendly dispensers and warmers suitable for customer use, Cecilware is an ideal investment for your restaurant, café, or pub. All products are designed to last and produce consistent, excellent results with every use.

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