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Berner Air Curtains have served the commercial, industrial, and architectural industries since 1956. Their headquarters is located in New Castle, Pennsylvania where they continue to make research and development the center of their operations. Combining state of the art equipment and engineering along with highly skilled workers who understand air curtains inside and out, Berner has been able to create air curtains that deliver sizable energy savings while providing climate and insect control.

Functional And Easy On The Eyes

You want to separate environments but you also want to maintain the integrity and appeal of your building’s design. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks for function and nobody knows that better than Berner. Berner air curtains not only excel in performance but also aesthetics, making units that blend well into any environment.

Climate Control Solutions For Every Business

Berner offers a wide variety of commercial air curtains and accompanying packages for full automation and advanced control technology. From basic control packages for air curtains to deluxe control packages for air curtains, Berner has thought of it all. You can outfit your Berner air curtains with customized options like time delays, roller doors, and plunger arms just to name a few.

In addition to their innovative and industry-leading products, Berner has a passion for education and awareness about the benefits of air curtains. They offer resources for customers to learn more about the importance of air curtains and how they can help any busy business cut costs, save energy, and protect areas from exposure risks.

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Berner DTU03-2026EA, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Berner products
Berner DTU03-2026EA

26" Heated Drive-Thru Air Curtain, 120v

$1,062.75 /ea


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