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To ensure that your bar runs at optimal efficiency and sanitation standards, you need the proper tools to get your glassware sparkling clean. And that’s what Bar Maid products provide. With innovative glass washing, polishing, and drying machines, you can save your bar staff the labor of handwashing glasses and offer your customers fully sanitized glassware to enjoy their drinks!

Bar Maid also offers everything you need for an efficient, clean, and tidy bar, including liquid pourers, bottle openers and cap catchers, and drain accessories. Our line of commercial blenders and juicers allow your bartenders to make delicious fresh beverages with top speed and efficiency. Whatever your bar needs, Bar Maid has a durable, easy-to-use solution to make it better.

Benefits of Bar Maid Products

  • Save time and money by letting machines do the dirty work of washing, drying, and polishing delicate glassware.
  • Ensure that your glassware is fully sanitized to reduce the transmission of foodborne illness and disease.
  • Get high-quality accessories to improve the cleanliness and functionality of your bar.
  • Provide your bartenders with powerful, industrial-grade equipment to make high-quality beverages.
  • Prevent smudged and unsightly glassware with powerful polishers that are gentle enough for delicate glasses.

More About Bar Maid - Top-of-the-Line Bar Accessories, Washers, and Polishers

Bar Maid introduced its first product, the electric glass washing machine, in 1961 and quickly became known for having "best in the bar" products nationwide. With an ever-growing amount of glassware styles and shapes out there, Bar Maid has developed electric glass washers and glass polishers to match.

Wanting to expand their line of products, Bar Maid began to offer glassware detergents and sanitizers for sparkling clean glassware that every bar desires. Bar Maid also delivers a variety of other products that are best in bars such as liquor pourers, glass rimmers, citrus wedgers, and other bartending necessities. For quality bar and restaurant supplies, be sure to check out our selection of Bar Maid products here at GoFoodservice today!

Best Sellers By Bar Maid

Bar Maid FB-TS40-EACH

4" Fly-Bye™ Floor Drain Trap Seal

Bar Maid CR-300SC

Liquor Pourer Covers (12/pk)

Bar Maid 280-1428

Liquor Pourer Dust Caps (12/pk)

Bar Maid CP-3000

3,000 pc/hr Countertop Flatware Polisher

Bar Maid FB-TS20-EACH

2" Fly-Bye™ Floor Drain Trap Seal

Bar Maid FB-TS20-CASE

2" Fly-Bye™ Floor Drain Trap Seal (6/case)

Bar Maid FB-TS30-EACH

3" Fly-Bye™ Floor Drain Trap Seal

Bar Maid FB-TS30-CASE

3" Fly-Bye™ Floor Drain Trap Seal (6/case)

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