Anets Commercial Frying Equipment


When you’re looking for high-performing, ultra-safe fryers, you need equipment that can handle a large volume at optimal efficiency. Anets fryers are the perfect choice for your commercial kitchen.

Anets’ standing fryers and top-quality accessories ensure that your restaurant or industrial kitchen can operate with maximum efficiency. Built to last and for ease of use, Anets’ products help your cooks do their best work safely — and they save your business money as well with their energy-efficiency and quality. Available in both gas-fueled and gas-free options, Anets fryers are engineered for top performance and durability.

Benefits of Anets Products

  • Save money on your electricity and gas bills with fryers that are built to conserve energy and optimize the cooking process.
  • Versatile, easy-to-use designs for efficient kitchen operations.
  • Multiple options so that you can choose the best unit for your kitchen.
  • High capacity to quickly and accurately cook large orders.

More About Anets - Energy-Efficient, Durable Fryers and Fryer Accessories

Anets prides itself on well-designed, built-to-last fryers that meet all safety and performance standards and ensure an energy-efficient, high-performance foodservice environment. With well-designed fryers available in a range of styles and capacities, Anets fryers will help your commercial or industrial kitchen operate at peak performance.

Best Sellers By Anets

Anets P9313-50

Fryer Filter Media, Paper, 23 1/2" x 12 1/8" (Case of 100)

Anets 70AV

95,000 Btu Gas Free Standing Fryer, 80 Lb

Anets P9800-04

Basket Full

Anets 40AS

107,000 Btu Gas Free Standing Fryer, 45 Lb

Anets 45AS

122,000 Btu Gas Free Standing Fryer, 50 Lb

Anets 70AS

150,000 Btu Gas Free Standing Fryer, 80 Lb

Anets 14GS

111,000 Btu Gas Free Standing Fryer, 50 Lb, GoldenFry Series

Anets 35AS

90,000 Btu Gas Free Standing Fryer, 40 Lb

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