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When looking around for quality walk-in refrigeration, you might be a little put off by the sheer variety of options on the market. At GoFoodservice, we want you to feel with every purchase that you make: that’s’ why we partner with Amerikooler. They are easily among the most popular choices for American standard walk-in refrigeration at a commercial standard. If you want to start storing more produce and goods in a safe and secure environment, then this is absolutely the place for you to start. We can help you to find the best standard of equipment purely on the basis that Amerikooler is a proven producer of high quality walk-in coolers and refrigeration systems. Thy also do all manner of walk-in freezers, so you can store things for longer in a safe and secure environment.

Whatever the choice you decide to make, though, you will soon find that Amerikooler is among the best brands in the industry. We are proud to partner with a firm who has produced top quality refrigeration for over three decades. It’s this quality, consistency and attention to detail of their craft that makes it so easy for us to sell you Amerikooler hardware with pride. Want to see what they have that might be of use to you? Then take a look at our options below. We have coolers, fridges and freezers all good to go as and when you might need. More importantly, we also have a hugely impressive range of best sellers for you to take a look through. Need some inspiration on what would be the best buy for you? Then you are more than welcome to take a look and see if anything stands out for you and your own personal needs.

Safe and Simple Walk-In Refrigeration with Amerikooler

You should never look to take risks when it comes to refrigeration. With the help of Amerikooler, you can make a smart and sound investment which is almost certain to pay off as soon as you need it to. You will be able to store more, save more and get more out of every piece of produce that you have. For better storage conditions and for a stress-free solution to solving your cooling needs, you can find just what you need here. Unsure of what you need? Let us know: we will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Sellers By Amerikooler

Amerikooler QF080877**FBRM

96" x 96" x 91" Indoor Walk-In Freezer w/ Floor

Amerikooler QC060672**N

72" x 72" x 86" Walk-In Cooler Box w/ No Floor

Amerikooler QC061272**N

144" x 72" x 86" Walk-In Cooler Box w/ No Floor

Amerikooler QC081072**N

120" x 96" x 86" Walk-In Cooler Box w/ No Floor

Amerikooler QC081272**N

144" x 96" x 86" Walk-In Cooler Box w/ No Floor

Amerikooler QC060677**FBRC

72" x 72" x 91" Indoor Walk-In Cooler w/ Floor

Amerikooler QF060677**FBRM

72" x 72" x 91" Indoor Walk-In Freezer w/ Floor

Amerikooler QC060672**NBRC

72" x 72" x 86" Indoor Walk-In Cooler w/ No Floor

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