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American TropiCasual specializes in all-weather furniture made for commercial and hospitality businesses. With a variety of styles to choose from and custom orders available American TropiCasual is sure to have furniture to match your tastes. In colder seasons American TropiCasual has you covered as well with a selection of patio heaters for keeping guests warm while dining outdoors.

When it comes to quality outdoor furniture and amenities, it’s hard to look past American TropiCasual Furniture. They are the premier manufacturers of all-season outdoor furnishings for commercial and hospitality establishments. At the forefront of American TropiCasual Furniture’s range of outdoor products are their Propane Gas Tower and Umbrella Patio Heaters. Made from all stainless steel and quartz flame tubes, these two heaters from American TropiCasual will definitely keep people eating and drinking outside, even on the coldest evenings.

The Umbrella Heater heats up to a 20ft circle around it, which is due to its whopping 44,000 BTU burner, making it perfect for between guests’ tables or for others to surround. The Tower Heater has a smaller 37,500 BTU burner, making it a welcome addition to any outdoor dining or entertainment experience in colder temperatures. Both heaters are thermostatic controlled and run on either propane or butane gas tanks (Umbrella model uses standard propane only). American TropiCasual has made both patio heater models come with standard durable wheels on one side for easy tilt-and-carry mobility. Each comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Guest comfort has to be at the forefront of any establishments’ mind, and in the colder months, you simply have to have outdoor heating. Creating permanent heating fixtures, especially in commercial settings is often not feasible, and hospitality settings need as much space as possible on patios in warmer months, free of permanent fixtures. These offerings from American TropiCasual Furniture are a perfect solution for all your heating needs. Keep your customers comfortable and content all year round whilst maximizing the space you have with these outdoor heating options.

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American TropiCasual HEA8605
American TropiCasual HEA8605

37,500 Btu Propane Gas Tower Patio Heater

$589.00 /ea

Free Shipping

American TropiCasual HEA8601
American TropiCasual HEA8601

44,000 Btu Propane Gas Umbrella Patio Heater

$449.99 /ea

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