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When you run a commercial kitchen, you know that you can’t take chances with food safety. AccuTemp’s full line of steamers and steam-based cooking equipment helps you monitor and maintain safe, even temperatures for your diners. AccuTemp cooking equipment is expertly engineered to provide a constant level of heat. Explore steam kettles and commercial steamers to see how you can enhance your kitchen with easy access to hot water and steam cooking. AccuTemp’s braising pans and tilting skillets provide additional cooking methods that are ideal for busy and high-volume operations.

Our line of AccuTemp commercial equipment includes a diverse array of AccuTemp’s steam kettles. These commercial steam kettles are perfect for schools, hospitals, group homes, military installations, and other facilities that serve the same meal to many diners at once. With a steam-jacket kettle, you can prepare large quantities of soups, sauces, stews, and other warm liquids quickly and easily. Simply add your prepped ingredients and let the steam kettle do all the work. There’s no need for staff to stir the soup or watch the pot. Instead, your team can tackle other tasks, keeping your kitchen working smoothly and efficiently. Explore AccuTemp steam kettles in a range of options, including both gas and electric connections and capacities up to 120 gallons.

AccuTemp Foodservice makes commercial steamers that will be the backbone of your kitchen. Steamers are a powerful tool for cooking food in a simple yet healthy manner. Steaming allows you to preserve all the flavor of food without adding unnecessary fats and oils. Cater to today’s health-conscious diners by offering delicious steamed foods. While commercial steamers make vegetables taste great, you can also explore a world of other options. Meat, fish, bread, pasta, dessert, and many other foods can be prepared and kept warm using a commercial steamer.

AccuTemp’s braising pans and tilting skillets are versatile tools that will be at home in any kitchen. Tilting skillets allow your cooks to make use of the entire cooking surface, preparing and watching more food at once. You can get orders onto the floor in less time when you add tilting skillets and braising pans to your kitchen.

AccuTemp is an industry-leading food service provider. At GoFoodservice, we’re proud to offer only the finest products for your kitchen. Explore the full line-up of AccuTemp products to learn how you can enhance your kitchen. You can also reach out to our experts with any questions to learn more.

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