The Power of Mobile Communications for Food Pickup & Delivery

The Power of Mobile Communications for Food Pickup & Delivery

People are increasingly relying on mobile devices for everything. Even before the pandemic struck nearly three-quarters of people would look things up on their smartphones rather than asking someone. The pandemic has made this type of thing a necessity, and now we are using our smartphones for everything to avoid physical contact with others to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. This has had an unexpected impact on carryout and delivery restaurants, particularly pizza places.

Despite the fact, it’s a pandemic people still need to eat, and those restaurants that were already set up for takeout and delivery had a significant advantage over those that were not. Pizza has always been a delivery staple, and now with messaging capabilities that get coupons out to customers, let customers know when their pizza is in the oven or on its way, or even messaging capabilities that allow people to pull up to the store and have their pizza brought out and placed in their trunk has led to a significant surge in pizza orders.

Restaurant Curbside Pick-Up Infographic

In fact, during one week in March, there was a 44% spike in pizza orders, and 42% of customers said they would continue to rely on pickup and delivery services throughout the remainder of the pandemic.

Pizza places are at a distinct advantage over other kinds of restaurants because in many places that’s the only kind of restaurant that will deliver food right to a customer’s door. The tools and equipment to make and deliver pizzas are already in place, and many pizza places are already set up to handle the type of surges that typically occur on Friday and Saturday nights.

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