Keeping Your Water Safe and Clean: At Home Water Filters

Did you know that more than1 out of 5 of all Americans have been exposed to contaminated drinking water in the past ten years? With how much we use water in our daily lives– and the small amount of water that is available for consumption– it makes sense that some of this water may be less than pure. Contaminated water affects all aspects of our lives and can have some very dangerous consequences.

Some of the most dangerous consequences of contaminated water are related to your health. More than 21 million Americans drink water that violates U.S health standards each year, and this water has the possibility to spread contaminates and illness. Waterborne illnesses are dangerous and affect over 7 million Americans each year. Out of these illnesses, over 6,000 Americans sadly passed away due to some sort of waterborne illness.

Water can also be a carrier for different contaminants that can make you sick. Things like radionuclides, pesticides, and heavy metals can be transferred through water collection sites and pipelines. Fixing these contaminated areas and providing care to people who fall ill from the contaminants from water costs upwards of $200 billion dollars each year!

Safe drinking water that is free of contaminants seems to be in short supply, and truly it is. There is only about a half of a teaspoon of drinkable, clean water to every 26 gallons of all other water. With how scarce this is, it would make sense that we would conserve as much water as possible, but this is not the case. The average American uses about 82 gallons of water each day. This means the United States goes through over 300 billion gallons of water each day! Much of this water goes right back down the drain when people leave their taps while cooking, cleaning, or brushing their teeth.

So what is the solution to wasting what little clean water is available?

At-home water filters are a great way to ensure the water you are drinking is clean and safe. With a large collection basin, there is less chance of wasting water right back down the drain! At-home water filters come in a large selection of sizes and styles so you can ensure clean drinking water no matter your situation. Even if you are always on the go there are portable water filters that allow you to bring fresh water with you wherever you go!

Using at-home water filters has many benefits outside protecting your health. With proper water-saving measures, endangered creatures can be protected from going extinct. Plants and animals are being affected by changing water temperatures and availability due to climate change. While climate change is a larger problem to worry about if each person started using at-home water filters to prevent water waste we could hedge against some of the consequences of climate change.

Water is our most important resource, and it is in short supply. In order to protect the environment, economy, and your health, consider an at-home water filter for your family. Learn more about water filtration options in the infographic below:

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