How to Choose the Right Waffle Maker for Your Restaurant

How to Choose the Right Waffle Maker for Your Restaurant

Do you know what the best meal of the day is?

If you said anything but breakfast then you're wrong.

Given that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you don't want to miss out on serving it in your restaurant.

Next to pancakes, waffles are probably one of the most iconic breakfast items. Since you'll be selling a lot of them, you'll need a waffle maker that can keep up while also being easy to clean and store after the breakfast rush has passed.

Not sure where to begin with buying your waffle maker? Here are a few things that all of them should have for the utmost efficiency.

1. Shapes and Sizes

Before you decide on shape or size, you'll need to decide how thin or fluffy you want your waffles to be. Not all waffle makers cook them the same exact way.

Once you've decided on thin or fluffy, you can pick out the shape you want it to be. There are all kinds to choose from like hearts, triangles, and any shape in between.

2. Cleaning

Since you will be using it for restaurant purposes, you want it to be easy to clean so you aren't bogged down with cleaning the waffle iron off after your breakfast rush is over and you're going into lunch. Here are a few materials for you to consider.

Cast Aluminum

Aluminum heats up really quickly so it has a quick preheat time and bakes the waffles super fast. You'll be able to save a little money on your power bill as well because it's incredibly energy efficient.

It does all of this but it has to be hand washed which can slow things down a little and because it takes a while to cool down, you have to wait to even clean it.

Cast Steel

Cast steel doesn't heat up as fast and doesn't bake as quickly but it's dishwasher safe so it saves on some manual labor. Not only that but because it doesn't retain as much heat, you don't have to wait as long for it to cool down so it can be washed.

Cast Iron

Cast iron waffle makers become non-stick if you season it. You have to do it regularly, but the non-stick benefits are worth the slight inconvenience. They're also fairly durable and the heat flows through pretty regularly so you won't have to wait too long before you can start the cleaning process.

Non-Stick Plates

Non-stick plates are a great feature to look for in any waffle maker. If the batter sticks to the grooves of the maker, it can be a pain to get out later.

Non-stick plates make this process easy and wipe clean with little to no effort on your part.

3. Number of Waffles

The next thing you need to consider is how many waffles you need to make at one time. If your restaurant is a self-serve one you should consider using double waffle makers.

It's two makers side by side that has their own temperature and time clocks so multiple customers can make their waffles the way they want.

If you're not expecting to make a lot of waffles, a single maker will do. If you expect to make a ton of them, you may want to shop around for one that will allow you to make more than one or two at a time.

4. Indicator Lights

Indicator lights let you know when the maker is done warming up and is ready for you to use. This seems like a small feature but it's better to have it than just putting the batter in when you feel like it's ready.

This is because if you put the batter in the maker too early it won't cook correctly and you'll be left with waffles that are too gooey.

5. "Ready" Chime

When you're working in a restaurant, especially if you're cooking, things can get pretty busy. If your maker doesn't have a "ready" chime you may forget about the waffles which will cause them to burn.

If you have a do it yourself waffle station in your restaurant customers also benefit from this feature. They can go get other items at the buffet while they wait for their waffles to finish knowing they will be alerted.

6. Easy To Store

You want to make sure the maker you get can be easily stored at the end of breakfast unless you have them out on the floor for customers to make waffles when they want.

You basically want to get one with a top that locks into place. This way, you can easily store it with your other dishes by placing it on its side.

If the top locks into place, you won't have to worry about it coming open and scratching up.

What to Look for in Your Potential Resturant Waffle Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and so you want to offer the most essential side item. Waffles complete any breakfast so you're sure to make plenty of money if you have a great functioning waffle maker.

Consider one that is a breeze to clean, easy to store, and can make several waffles at once for the ultimate in function and simplicity.

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